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We are a family owned company !

Founded in 2019 by a husband and wife team with a shared vision, Grand Country Homes represents the culmination of passion and dedication. Fueled by the dream of building high-quality residences, they embarked on a journey to redefine country living in their community. And with great dedication to their craft, they have forged a team renowned for their expertise and craftsmanship, ensuring that each home they create is perfect for a new family. Grand Country Homes isn't just about constructing houses; it's about crafting dream homes, each one a testament to their pursuit of excellence.


Our Process

Building a new home could be a very intimidating process, so we are here to help !

We'll be with you at every step of the way until your vision is a reality.

Preconstruction Steps

Whether you own a lot or you're still looking for it, we'll make sure that you understand  crucial steps to begin your journey and be set up for success.

house being framed.jpg

Design & Construction Estimate

After your lot is secure, we'll meat again to learn your vision and needs to find the perfect floor plan for you and your family.

On-Site Consultations

From permits to materials and everything in between, we'll be there to answer any questions throughout the construction.


The Finishing

Your home will be al ready for you and your family in just a few months. We'll make sure you learn all its features including a complete landscape package


Our Quality Guarantee

At Grand Country Homes, our objectives are as clear as the blue skies over Johnson County. We're not just here to build houses; we're here to set a new standard for homebuilding excellence. Our mission is simple: to create homes that stand the test of time, where families can thrive for generations to come. With our unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail, we guarantee that every home we build is not just a structure, but a place where you and your family create memories . When you choose Grand Country Homes, you're getting the best of the best, crafted with care and precision by the finest team in the area..

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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